S*** just got real… the first doctor’s appointment

I was nervous all day about our first prenatal check in – I’d been looking forward to this confirmation that we are really doing this, that there really is a baby in there.

And sure enough there is. I saw it. And heard its heart beat.

This was the most excited anybody has ever been about going to the doctor.

So we get there super early, roll into the Women’s Clinic and I have to fill out a lot of paperwork. There’s a new patient questionnaire and the first thing it asks is why I’m here.

Annual Check Up?
New Problem?
Existing Problem?

So I guess this is a new problem? We’re pregnant!

The nurse was really friendly, young, nice, asked me first thing if I knew how to do a “Clean Pull.” For the urine sample. I did not know how to do a “Clean Pull” so she had to explain. Cool, hip, doctor’s office terminology. Plus, starting the day off with peeing in a cup. Sweet.

There were a lot of questions. And a weigh in. Evidently I weigh 175 at the doctor’s. I weighted 164 on my home scale the other day. Did I gain 9 pounds in three days or do I really wear 10 pounds of clothes every day? So much for the whole 3 pounds first trimester weight gain thing. I probably blew past that three weeks ago.

Our doctor is a lady, and she’s great. Really smart, quick to answer my questions, personable but not too friendly and definitely made us feel taken care of and like we are going to be parents. Reassuring but not hokey.

There is a lot to cover. I had to get tested for the Clap and Aids and all sorts of randoms. Speculums made an appearance. Not pleasant but not the end of the world. The Doc did a breast exam, which hurt like no other because my boobs are so huge and swollen. The Hubs said later that he didn’t want to look while she was doing the exam, because it felt like he was peeking behind the curtain at something he wasn’t supposed to see. He had to avert his gaze for a pretty long time, because the breast exam went on longer than I remember from my last visit to the gyno. I suppose there is a lot more surface area to cover these days.

Aside: The way the Hubs tells the story to our friends, two hot ladies came in to the room and “lubed up my boobs” and felt me up for a half hour. Nice, Hubs. Real nice.

And then they wheeled in the ultrasound machine. I wasn’t sure if they would be able to do one this early, but I’m 9 weeks at the time, and sure enough – vaginal ultrasound it is – all up in there. Rather daunting looking device. And they put a condom and lube on it (maybe this is where the Hubs gets the whole lubed up part of his retelling), which again, is daunting.

And baby made the big screen. The doctor showed us the head, rear end, and even showed us the flicker that is Baby Dub’s heartbeat. AND THEN she turned on the sound and we got to hear the baby’s heartbeat. It is an incredible thing to hear your baby.  Seeing it is pretty amazing too, but it’s less real than that heartbeat because all I can really see in the picture is this little not-quite-human-looking peanut. But a heartbeat is a heartbeat.

I have to admit there were some waterworks.

This baby is going to be the best human being ever.

Top all that euphoria off with the most epic blood draw I’ve ever had. On the way out, they draw something like 8 vials of my blood for testing. I was like, “Are we storing that for if I lose a lot of blood during delivery?”

My arm seriously hurt for a week and a half afterward.

Small price to pay for a sneak peek at the Greatest Human Being in the works right now.


One thought on “S*** just got real… the first doctor’s appointment

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