Why not drinking sometimes IS a dead giveaway you’re knocked up

Being pregnant made me realize that my friends probably think I’m an alcoholic.

A week after I found out we’re having a Baby (Dub), I had a big girl’s weekend with two of my oldest friends to celebrate one of them FINALLY getting engaged. If this occasion doesn’t call for an alcoholic beverage, I don’t know what does.

The whole week leading up to Girl’s Weekend I’m thinking of excuses to abstain. Cleansing? Not feeling great?

When the time comes, I totally choke. After eating a PILE of pasta and breadsticks smothered in alfredo at the OG, I can’t very well say I’m on a cleanse… so as the bubbly is popped, I simply turn it down.

“What?! You always drink!”


“I’m pretty full.”

Really? That’s all I could  come up with?

“Are you pregnant!? I can’t believe you’re pregnant and you aren’t telling us!”

“Nice, guys! I don’t drink ONE time and the first thing you think is that I’m pregnant?”

Artful dodging, indeed.



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