When giving Thanks…

…sometimes you need a better fake cocktail to throw your in-laws off the scent.

The Dubs got me and the Hubs this year for Thanksgiving, and I thinking, if two years ago is any indication, this could be a regular old fashioned party. How to discretely avoid the cocktails and vino?…

November 23, 2011

Today was an exercise in creative fact stretching. we don’t want to give it away yet that we are having a baby, but we are here at Dub Family Thanksgiving and last time we did a family Turkey Day, much booze was consumed. This year we are having to be careful, as I am a notorious beverage partaker of-er.

So this evening, The Hubs volunteered to mix me up a beverage, and later asked me how my vodka soda was. Later, he pretended that I had drunk a ton of his Coors Lite.

Honestly, beer and booze doesn’t even really sound that great to me. Being pregnant, you can’t get drunk so the whole drinking this loses its luster. I don’t love the taste of beer enough to risk my baby’s health.  And apart from the Hubs getting crazy from time to time and feeling like I can’t ever really catch up, I actually don’t much mind being around drunkards in a sober state… although talk to me in 9 months.



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