Social drinking, ladies?

There are women who have a glass of wine every day during their pregnancy. Or at least, so I’m told. I have determined that I will not be one of those women. Ladies, if your doc says it is cool, far be it from me to judge. I just know myself. I know my worry quotient.

But I will also say that if you are a lady with child and you want to eschew the booze and you also want to socialize in taverny type spots, or watch football games, or meet up with a friend for a catch up but don’t want to commit to dinner, the good-old-fashioned cocktail is missed.

And guess what? The “Alcohol Removed” garbage is just that. Garbage. And Martinelli’s is loaded with sugar.

Seriously, somebody make a little mocktail hour at a local bar for the preggers out there. Somebody make a decent booze-free wine option to make me feel like I’m getting a treat without loading me with sugar, or giving me the epic tummy bloat that the “Fre” crap does.

There are definitely days when I miss my after-work G&T, or hitting up the Green for bar food and a Rogue Dead Guy. But quite honestly, this is a small price to pay for the fact that we are building a person right now. I actually think not being able to exercise at a high intensity has been a harder life-style change for me than giving up booze.

So there you go. Ladies who are thinking about doing this whole preggers thing? The booze-give-up isn’t really that hard. And that’s coming from somebody who doesn’t drink ONCE in front of friends and it is a dead giveaway that we’re having a baby.

In the meantime, one of my pregnancy missions is to discover some great booze-free alternatives for social situations. Mocktails, people! Somebody get Momma a Mocktail!


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