On being awesome at being pregnant

I informed my employer yesterday that I was pretty awesome at being pregnant.

I’m not the best ever, or anything, I’m not bragging. I just was trying to point out that I didn’t throw up or miss work or snap on any of my coworkers during the “danger zone” that is the first trimester.

His response was raucous laughter followed by “I want video of you saying that.”

Listen here, Boss Man. I will GIVE you a video of me saying that, and I will let you post it on the Internet.

Ladies, being pregnant is awesome, and if you ARE pregnant right now, you are so awesome at it. Think of all the cool shit your body is doing right now! You are building tiny baby parts, without even thinking about it. For instance, this week Baby Dub’s legs are getting longer and Dub is kicking and punching and making facial expressions (though according to my multitude of baby books, it is just grimaces and squints… where are the smiles, Baby Dub? The quizzical glances?!). Baby Dub is growing hair, people! I can’t even bake a decent looking cake, but darnit, I’m making a handsome baby boy or a gorgeous baby girl RIGHT NOW.

Shout it from the roof tops people. I’m making a person, and I’m awesome at it!


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