Breaking the news

I bet there are so many cute, creative ways to tell your family that you’re knocked up. I want to know all of them, and then I want to get pregnant one more time for every cute, creative announcement idea that I like.

But that could mean a LOT of Baby Dubs.

And lets face it, I’m probably capping things at two.

Unless we have two girls. I want a BOY!

I digress. The point of this post was to talk about how WE chose to break the news to our families.

We were lucky, because the end of the first trimester corresponded so nicely with Christmas. Built in theme!

The Shiz side got us for Christmas this year, so we planned to travel over to Seattle to spend the holiday with my family there. The way things worked out, we were able to bamboozle the entire Dub side (sans the Eugene chapter of Dubs) into coming over for dinner the night before we headed over the mountains. We had to adjust our strategy for different venues, audiences, wind, height and distance.

The Dub side got the news via gigantic holiday decor. We hung stockings for me and The Hubs, and for our doggies, Diesel and Stella. And then we bought a JUMBO sized stocking at KMart and bedazzled that sucker with “Baby Dub.” It was the biggest sized baby announcement I could think of… considering I could not afford sky writing

And it took an eternity for the Dubs to notice it at all. Grandpa Dub rolled in and looked at it, but it must have not process. Grandma Dub came in to the kitchen and immediately got to work on her contribution to the feast. A full fifteen minutes passed before she finally asked, “So, who’s Baby Dub?”

“Our baby.”

Grandpa Dub was on the phone with a friend, so he was out of the loop entirely.

Other members of the Dub clan were quicker to pick up on our ginormous hint as they arrived for the epic holiday feast. But I have to admit, it was a trickling reaction. Pretty much the exact opposite of the Shiz side reaction.

The next day, we were up bright and early to get over the pass and spend the day with my side of the family. A Shiz family tradition is spending Christmas Eve in Seattle, doing a little impromptu gift exchange and having a delicious dinner out. Normally there is a ferry ride involved as well, but this year travel arrangements didn’t allow for any nautical adventures.

I had it all planned out. I’d purchased a Gymboree gift  card for Mama Sue, and written inside “This is to kickstart what I’m sure will be a busy shopping year for Grandma. Baby Dub arrives July 4th.” Of course when the time came to present her with it, the mechanics of the traditional envelope were too much for her to navigate (seriously, it has never taken anyone so long to open an envelope). The minute she saw the Gymboree logo, she screamed. She didn’t bother reading the card, she just threw it at my dad and came over to give me a hug.

If I could draw comparisons, I would say that the Dub reaction was like a slow, dawning realization, and the Shiz side reaction was like a clap of thunder and the sounds of trumpets from above. There was a noise complaint from the occupants of the hotel room next to us.

Everybody should be so lucky to have great in-laws to provide you with the full spectrum of awesome reaction. That weekend was one of my favorite weekends ever.


One thought on “Breaking the news

  1. Momma sur says:

    I am a clap of thunder!

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