Getting ready for baby

This week, we got started on Baby Dub’s room. The guest room next to ours, at a glance, is the cleanest room in the house. So when we decided to gut the room in preparation for our baby’s arrival, we were surprised.

There was an untold treasure trove in the closet of the guest room next to ours.

Old, wonderful books of mine. College text books. Random journals. Normal journals. Videos on VHS. Recordings from Performing Arts Camp. Some fashionable clothing of my sister’s.

So the guest room vomited into the hallway. My borderline “hoarder” tendencies are in full effect. I can’t bear the thought of throwing these treasures away, but I have nowhere to put them, either.

I need to just blindly toss things in the Goodwill box and have Zeb take it there, so I don’t know what I’m giving away.

That’s neither here nor there. Though our hallway is now a complete and utter mess, Baby Dub’s room is now a blank slate for creative baby decor.

So the Hubs and I went to Home Depot to select the perfect, gender neutral baby room paint color. We arrived on a Martha Stewart sage-y color, after a lot of deliberation.

With each stroke of the brush, and every pass of the paint roller, it felt more and more real… a baby is going to live in this room. This very, very green room.

This is where Pinterest is total and utter poison for the expecting mom. There are so many adorable baby room ideas that I don’t know how I’m going to narrow it down to just one. The color schemes, the furniture, the wall decor, the general craftiness. My head spins with the possibilities.

So for now, I’m happy with step one. Green walls.

Much like this pregnancy, I’ve gotta take things with the baby room one step at a time.



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