Baby Dub goes Airborn

In the “honeymoon of pregnancy” that is the second trimester, it was determined that I needed to go on a trip to Sacramento for work. I don’t like flying. Not even a little bit. And I usually ease my quease by having a little cocktail to take the edge off the nerves. Not a possibility with Baby Dub’s first flight.

Anybody here ever flown out of Pasco? We are talking about a super tiny airport here, with super tiny planes. Any turbulence on one of these puddle jumpers feels like cause for real panic.

We had a recipe for disaster.

Thankfully we had a quick and painless flight, though I don’t think baby likes to fly (at least, this big baby doesn’t). My stomach was in knots the entire flight and I can’t be sure if it was Baby rebelling, extreme hunger, or just a little preggers gas. Either way, I was glad to get back on the ground.

Perhaps our “babymoon” will have to be within driving distance. Though Hawaii sounds pretty awesome right now. Flying is much more enjoyable when tropical beaches await.

2 thoughts on “Baby Dub goes Airborn

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