The Quickening… spooky things happening in there

One of my recent fascinations is this thing called “The Quickening.”

It makes me shiver.

“The Quickening.”

It makes me think of “The Changling” – or “The Rapture” – or something else kind of spooky and otherworldly.

It is the term that is used to describe my recognition of Baby Dub’s first movements.

And evidently, it is easily mistaken for gas.

All my baby apps are telling me to be on the lookout for “The Quickening.” So I’m on the alert. The other night I was in bed and felt a little twingey somethin’ – I immediately froze, my heart rate shot up, I didn’t want to move or breath… I just wanted to confirm that this was, indeed, “The Quickening.” Come on, Baby Dub. Wiggle again.

Some people describe it as “bubbles”, “butterflies”, or like “being tickled from the inside.” Bubbles and butterflies, I’m cool with. Being tickled from the inside? Creeps me out. Fingers crossed for bubbles and butterflies…

I can neither confirm nor deny that I’ve experienced “The Quickening” yet. My baby apps imply that I’ll be experiencing it between 16-20 weeks, and I’m sure that this baby is going to be an active little sucker, so maybe I should be grateful for an extra week of “peace” before we start really moving and shaking.

Or maybe I’m just such a gassy preggers that I can’t tell the difference between too big of a lunch and Baby Dub’s first movements.


2 thoughts on “The Quickening… spooky things happening in there

  1. nlynnstu says:

    “The Quickening” for me was like butterflies and was a totally separate feeling from gas. You’ll know it when you feel it 🙂 So excited for you to feel your wee one!

  2. Momma sue says:

    Ha ha-here’s to large lunches and bouncing baby Dub-you are hilarious!

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