What flavor is Baby Dub?

…where flavor = gender

We find out if Baby Dub is a bouncing baby boy or a darling baby girl come Monday.

The excitement is palpable around the Dub household.

At least, I can feel it.

I am fairly convinced we are having a girl. This is likely because I would prefer to have a boy first. In all my dreams about Dub, we have a girl on our hands (including one particularly terrifying dream in which baby came out talking… Which might not be all that big of a surprise…).

After I found out we were having a baby, my first real panic attack centered around the fact that I don’t know how to French braid hair.

So you can understand my trepidation at the thought of a little bundle of girly joy, as I simply won’t know what to do with it. Friends of mine or acquaintances who have had little baby girls post these adorable pics of their little ones in bows and huge headbands (why can’t I pull those off?) and I just drink in the cuteness, but secretly I worry…

I won’t know how to make mine that cute.

Both the hubs and I come from families where the oldest is a girl. This is not a complaint, but I would love for our little girl, when she comes along, to have a big brother to look out for her.

What’s fun about all this is that when it comes to baby names, life would be very easy if we were having a girl… We are in complete agreement on the full name for our little girl, and we even have the same second choice for Baby Girl Dub 2 should she come along. Boy names, however, are a complete challenge. The Hubs is making up words to name our son, while I endlessly scour sites like nameberry.com looking for something that catches my eye and doesn’t immediately lose The Hubs upon suggestion.

No matter what flavor Baby Dub turns out to be, I can’t wait to meet him/her. No matter what the flavor, I am sure I will be ecstatic. If it is a boy, then my dream of Big Brother Dub will come true. If it is a girl, then I will have the supreme satisfaction of having my maternal intuition be spot-on.

I will also have the challenge of dedicating the next 5 months to perfecting my French braid skills.


4 thoughts on “What flavor is Baby Dub?

  1. Sarah says:

    Omg! This sounds like so many of my thoughts! I freaked out because I CANNOT do hair! I remember your hair was always super cute growing up! Did your mom do it? Maybe she can teach you if you are having a girl. Also we were opposite with the name thing we are sure of our first two boys name but don’t know what to name our little girl still. All the ones I love Craig hates. I could share with you all the names I love that Craig vetoed that I will never have. Wahhh!!! They are good names too!

    • Thank goodness for Momma Sue. She’ll get me hooked up with hair how-tos. I do recall some very stressful french-braid experiences in my 8-10 year range though… an exercise in remaining frozen for long periods of time while Mom worked her magic!

  2. Auntie Dub says:

    Either flavor of Dub is going to be a world of awesome. And if it helps, I can’t French braid either. Anna doesn’t know the difference 🙂 You’d be amazed at how many things you can do with regular braids (thank YOU Pinterest).

  3. […] I panicked at the thought of not knowing how to french braid hair, these other, much more important and intimidating scenarios are enough to keep this expecting […]

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