Flavor delay… where flavor = baby gender

I could use more flavor around here.

But alas, Baby Dub’s flavor will not be revealed for a whole ‘nother TWO WEEKS!!!

We went in to our appointment full of anticipation. Excitement. Sleepless night behind us, day of forced productivity under our belts, butterflies in the stomach.

But the flavor find-out is not to be.

Evidently, when they said “We’ll order your ultrasound for the next visit,” they mean they’ll order the order form for the ultrasound for your next visit. So, we ordered our ultrasound today. For two weeks from today.

I feel like Christmas got canceled.

Like I was supposed to get the day off work, and had to come in instead.

Most disappointing is the fact that I told SO MANY people we’d be getting this big news today, and now I feel like a complete ding dong because we have to wait for two weeks. I got my own hopes up, and the hopes of thousands of Baby Dub followers (…or just my immediate family).

I may have to drown my sorrow in some frozen yogurt. (Okay, I already did).

Time to flip this on its head. Christmas didn’t get canceled.

Ladies and gentlemen, Christmas has been extended! Two more weeks to place your bets on Baby Dub’s flavor, two more weeks for Zeb and I to argue over baby names, two more weeks to bask in blissful unawares.


3 thoughts on “Flavor delay… where flavor = baby gender

  1. Nicole says:

    😦 Because I worked at an OB-GYN office while I was pregnant I’d make the other nurses do impromptu ultrasounds on me to check the “flavor” of Lil P. My motherly instincts must suck in the flavor department as I was positive I was having a boy until I found out for sure.

  2. […] of what “flavor” Baby Dub would be was truly over the top. Not only did we have to wait a whole two weeks longer than we’d anticipated, but once we DID find out what we were having, we had to keep it a secret for an extra week so that […]

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