Showering babies…

I used to think that my mother went around giving baths to other peoples’ babies.

I did not understand that when she headed off to a baby shower, she was not physically bathing these newborns.

I get it now. We go to a baby shower to shower the mother and newborn (or future newborn) with gifts, and affection, and compliments, all the while stuffing ourselves with bite sized snacks. Sometimes there are games.

Now that I’m a little more grown up, I get invited to baby showers. My friends are having babies. It’s crazy to wrap my brain around. And this weekend, I had the opportunity to shower one of my dearest, oldest, most glowing pregnant friends.

Baby showers are fun. I’m not a baby person, but I always have enjoyed the opportunity to meet new people while celebrating the mommy or mommy-to-be. Once I went to a baby shower where spiked punch was served. From then on, I was on board with the baby shower thing. I’ve been known to get overly competitive with the baby shower games. All in all, “not-into-babies” thing aside, I’m a fan of baby showers and a firm proponent. Go to the next one you’re invited to.

P.S. That drinking out of a baby bottle game is bogus. Spare yourself the sore mouth muscles.

Baby showers take on a whole new level of intensity when you are also pregnant.

Babies are the buzz word of the evening, so the minute it’s discovered that you are also with child, there are a number of questions to be answered – in the case of this baby shower, baby names were the big topic. Also, you’re secretly taking notes of the things about the shower you really like so you can pass it on to your sister/best friend/mom/whoever you suspect might throw you a shower.

P.S. The “Guess the Celebrity Mom” game is pretty awesome. And going with desserts and drinks, excellent. Even if I did end up just having dessert for dinner last night.

The gift-opening time is no longer a time to zone out with your cake or make friends with the non-Mom you’re sitting next to. At this baby shower, I was taking careful notes and getting photo documentation of each and every gift opened. “Oh, do I need that?” “What does that do?” “Okay, how do you get your baby into that thing?” “That looks hard to put together.”

The best part of this baby shower, however, was the chance to catch up with the shower-ee afterwards. Ladies, if you are pregnant, get your friends to get pregnant too. You need a pregnant ally besides your husband (who is probably doing a wonderful job, but who can never really commiserate with you about exploding boobs or prenatal vitamins). When this particular friend found out she was pregnant, one of her first requests was that I go out and get pregnant myself, and now I understand why. We stayed up WAY past normal bed time chatting about our excitement about being parents, sharing some of our fears, swapping crazy baby dreams, and lets face it, doing a little non-baby related gossiping too (always a girl’s night requirement).

Never underestimate the power of some good girl time. Pregnant or no.

If you are a close friend of mine, and you haven’t had a child yet, I will likely begin campaigning for you to get pregnant soon. Consider this your warning.

You’ll thank me later.


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