19 weeks

Say what?! We are almost halfway done, people.

What have we learned?

We’ve learned that belly bands are a wonderful way to spend $20.

We’ve learned that you can still get a good night’s sleep with a midnight pee break.

We’ve learned that dessert is a superb substitute for booze.

We’ve learned that a music video can make you cry (curse you, Jason Aldean!).

We’ve learned that not everything you pee on needs to get flushed or thrown away (yes, I still have the pee sticks).

We’ve learned that sisters often have the best reactions to any kind of good news.

We’ve learned that when it’s REALLY important, The Hubs and I CAN keep a secret.

We’ve learned that one can still look pretty fabulous while rockin’ a legit baby bump.

We’ve learned that people really notice when you don’t drink.

We’ve learned that there are acceptable circumstances in which one might spend the entire afternoon in her office with her pants undone.

We’ve learned that “The Quickening” isn’t nearly as terrifying as it sounds.

We’ve learned that my form of “nesting” is just an intensified desire to bake.

We’ve learned that the second trimester + a space heater + a closed office door + a big lunch = involuntary after-lunch snooze. Where you are awakened by the sound of your own snoring and find a puddle of drool on your shirt.

We’ve learned that The Hubs is quite frankly amazing.

We’ve learned to save “The Baby Card” for truly special occasions.

We’ve learned that 9 holes of golf isn’t a bad form of exercise for the gestating lady.

We’ve learned that our family is incredible.

And it is about to get even more incredible. Almost halfway there, Baby Dub… can’t wait to meet you!


One thought on “19 weeks

  1. […] talked about halfway points before… both while pregnant with Hudson and while waiting to get pregnant with Bullet. I can’t get that Nike Running computerized […]

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