Eating out with babies

The Hubs decided he wanted to “take me out” tonight.

So we went to a new place in town, The Brik – just opened, ridiculously busy. A WAIT for a restaurant in Walla Walla? No thanks. The Hubs drove by it when he saw the “300 cars, at least” in the driveway. But it was where this pregnant and particular momma wanted to eat, so we turned around and braved the crowds of “thousands of people there, at least.”

We got seated in a weird little alcove in the restaurant alongside two tables with little toddlers and two tables filled with octogenarians. Hello, worst nightmare. A table filled with little children who shriek and yell and cry and throw stuff? Right next to mine? Ew.

But you know what was crazy? The kids didn’t bug me as much as I’d anticipated. There were some high pitched squeals which were certainly unsettling, but for the most part we just were amused by the situation instead of annoyed.

“You’re thinking what I’m thinking, aren’t you?”

“Yea. We’re never bringing our kids to restaurants. Ever.”

And later…

The Hubs informed me that he’s looking forward to carrying our son around in a Baby Bjorn with matching sunglasses on. And if they are going to be wearing matching sunglasses, he might as well figure out how to give the baby a little tiny goatee. His words.

Who knew being around kids would change so much when you inevitably are going to have one of your own? We’re building up our immunity to sudden loud noises and unpredictable children’s behavior.

That’s right. Somehow I’ve turned an hour and a half of proximity to other people’s children into us being ready for ours.

Again. We gotta take this one step at a time.



One thought on “Eating out with babies

  1. Momma Sue says:

    I don’t know – babies with goatees may be as horrifying as a baby that comes out talking? Glad that small ones are not as trying for you as you anticipate your own – I’ll never forget a grocery shopping experience when I had all three of you kiddos – the bro was just a wee one – and you were being particularly naughty – I believe there was some shrieking about wanting “Cow Candy” – you thought those little red wheels of cheese were candy – and when we got to the check out counter the decibels increased – I said something like “I’m so frustrated with you I could just kill you” ummmm – silence in the store – and I start to stammer something like – “I mean…um you are really frustrating me…um…you are really being naughty…um…” OH GOD PLEASE ALLOW ME TO FALL THROUGH THE FLOOR – IS CPS ON THE WAY TO TAKE MY CHILDREN INTO CUSTODY? Anyway – obviously you survived a stressed out momma sue – and without much bodily harm – but it’s tough when the kiddos gang up on you…wishing you the best of luck in that venue….momma sue

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