Can Baby hear me?

This week, Baby’s senses are becoming more developed. And it has me wondering about what Baby Dub hears in there.

No longer can I have an outburst of rage (for instance, when my computer crashes repeatedly at work) without wondering if I’m exposing my baby to tense sounds and stress.

Today I decided to spend a good 30 minutes on the piano instead of doing the dishes. After all, some future moms pump Beethoven through headphones over their bellies. This has gotta be better for Baby, right?

This Baby is going to be a freakin’ genius.

I don’t know that I’ll do any reading aloud to Baby in the womb. Not sure that The Girl Who Played with Fire is a great Baby read.

But I do find myself singing in the car more often knowing that Baby can hear me ,and I’m secretly hoping that my voice will be magical to this baby.

Now, I’ve been known to rock a karaoke night or take over the mic on Rock Band (including one on-stage appearance at Bumbershoot), but I know I don’t have a songbird’s voice. I’m more of a performer.

But Baby doesn’t know that.

For all Baby Dub knows, I’m a regular Sarah Brightman.


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