Falling in love

On today of all days, I feel it is appropriate to talk a little bit about falling in love.

You can have a love at first sight situation. Kind of like me and The Hubs.

I’ll pause while you all vomit.

Or you can have the gradual fall in love situation.

The surprise, snuck up on you, “Weren’t you just my best friend and now all of a sudden I want to make out with you?” fall in love.

Yesterday I fell in love, and it was the “Watching my baby move around on the ultrasound screen” kind of falling in love, where you watch Baby move, hiccup, wave, touch its toes, and be (as the ultrasound lady put it) “A little stinker”, and you think “That’s my baby, I made all of those parts, and that baby has a rad personality already.”

I made a promise when I started this blog, that I would never, ever ever ever post an ultrasound picture here. And I will hold true to my promise. But I have to say that I understand now why expecting mommies do it. There are cool things to see in these! Like the bottoms of our baby’s feet! Or what we think could be an overbite (fingers crossed it comes out without one!). Or crazy skeletor faces. I get it now, people.

I still won’t be posting any ultrasound pics. I’m a Mom of my word.

Also, due to the insistence of The Hubs we won’t be revealing what flavor Baby Dub is here until after we’ve had a chance to unleash the news on a few out of town friends. So… stay tuned.

I’m going to go write a love letter or something. After all, it is Valentine’s Day.


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