Baby’s first outfit… and my baby attire obsession

Yep. Baby is already accumulating garb.

Baby Dub’s first outfit is an Oregon Ducks onesie, with cute little Baby size socks and a little Oregon Ducks beanie cap. Thanks Auntie Julie!!!

We all know where Baby Dub’s sports alliance will be.

Check this out.

Ducks onesie

Ducks onesies!! Tiny socks!! Baby caps!!

And check out what Auntie Kara got Baby Dub.

Ducks Shoes

Freakin' Adorable Baby Shoes

I am going to be in real trouble with the baby shoes. Look at what Momma Sue picked up.

More Baby Shoes

It's a freakin' Baby Shoe BONANZA!!!

I swear I haven’t bought any baby clothes yet. Not even one tempting pair of baby cowboy boots. But when I buy my first pair of baby shoes it will be like opening the flood gates.

Baby shoes are too glorious.

I realize they are a pain in the butt, and the baby hates them, and they get easily lost when baby kicks them off. I get it. They are totally impractical. Baby doesn’t need protective covers for her soles.

I don’t care.

I wear a size 10 shoe. I’m sure our daughter is destined to have gun boats like her momma. So we will be embracing the tiny baby shoes, impractical as they may be, for as long as I can squeeze her feet into them. Okay?

And P.S. You can never have too much tiny sports apparel.


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3 thoughts on “Baby’s first outfit… and my baby attire obsession

  1. Molly says:

    I’M SO EXCITED!! I just figured out that you are pre-Mommyhood and the baby already has a wardrobe! Knowing Grandma Sue, she will be dressed to the NINES! Congrats to you and Zeb… babies are the greatest thing ever! xoxo

    (I need to start looking for the perfect Kid Rock/Detroit baby shirt!)

  2. ShoeHOTLINE says:

    Too adorable love all of them

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