Cramping Baby Dub’s style

Today I felt it was necessary to wear my “pre-pregnancy jeans.” These are the last remaining pair of jeans I can squeeze myself into now that I’m officially bumplicious. I don’t know what possessed me.

The pants are fine for standing up. Sit down, bend over, move your torso at all… no bueno.

And I could tell Baby Dub wasn’t diggin’ it. At one point, I could feel her kick the same spot at my waist line, right where the button was probably digging in to her play-space. It was like tiny repeated baby switch kicks.

I couldn’t help but text The Hubs.

Baby Dub is kicking big time.

His response:

I can’t wait until I can feel that.

Me back:

Me neither!! It’s fun. It’s like she’s saying “Yo, your pants are too tight.”


One thought on “Cramping Baby Dub’s style

  1. […] I only recently started to feel Baby Dub kick. What I used to think about with dread – the onset of The Quickening – has turned into one of my favorite parts of any day. It’s an awesome reminder that things are going on in there, cool things, Baby’s parts are getting stronger… and sometimes it also serves as a heads up that I probably should loosen up the waistband a touch. […]

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