The end of an era

Does having a baby mean the end of being a baby?

This week I had to sit in a car for much, much too long. I was bored. Hungry. My back hurt. Annoying songs came on the radio.


And even once we reached our destination, I wasn’t satisfied. The house was dirty. I was grouchy and tired and itchy. I couldn’t get comfortable, nothing sounded fun.


My poor, wonderful husband.

He suggested I sit next to him on the couch for some cuddling.

And you know what? Just sitting there next to him and having him rub my shoulders was exactly the cure for whatever funk I was in, feeling small and protected and comforted and taken care of.

Like a baby.

Once you have a baby, can you act like this? Can I pout and throw fits and wait for my husband to volunteer a trip for some fro yo to take the edge off once I have a little one to pout and throw fits of her own?

The majority of the time I feel pretty self-sufficient. I appreciate my incredibly supportive husband but I like to take care of things on my own and solve problems and be all super woman-y. But sometimes I need to be helpless. Sometimes it feels amazing to let go and to be taken care of. Once I am a mother, can I indulge the inner baby from time to time?

I think I must be able to. Not a lot of times but maybe once a year, because at that moment when I just need to let go and be taken care of and be helpless, I won’t be alone.

My husband might have two babies on his hands from time to time, but at least there will be only one diaper to change.

We hope.


One thought on “The end of an era

  1. Nicole says:

    Maybe I’m jumping the gun here as I admit I have not read every single blog submission but I think this is the most beautiful writing thus far. You really outdid yourself!

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