I want ice cream all the time

You know what I want right now?

Ice cream.

I want ice cream all the time.

As the title suggests.

I have heard this phrase from people who are advising me about pregnancy cravings:

“Your body craves what your baby needs.”

Baby Dub must need a lot of calcium.

My husband keeps me guessing with new varieties and flavors. He knows that the household freezer needs to have options. He’s started steering clear of the weirdass flavors and whole foods varieties too. Mango sorbet? No thank you. Chocolate peanut butter sundae? Serve it up, Big Bear!

I’ve made homemade ice cream before, and you know what? It’s freakin’ amazing.

But this pregnant woman can’t be bothered with custards and waiting. When I want ice cream, I want it onthedouble.

My friend Lindi makes homemade ice cream too. She’s making a business out of it. She made me a black pepper ice cream with a strawberry balsamic swirl. I traded her that for some Mediterranean tortellini.

I’m sure she’d just take your money for some ice cream though. You should find out.

Hey, it’s my first blog plug!

But seriously, Lindi is pretty much good at everything, and especially good at desserts. Check it.

Anyway, plugs aside, I want ice cream right now.

I am stuffed, and I ate red onions so I’m burping red onion flavors that I’m confident would not go well with any of the special flavors that the Hubs has stocked up on. Huckleberry-Red Onion. Red Onion-Orange Sherbet.

I don’t care. I want it.

This is the only pregnancy craving I have experienced thus far.

It’s 10 am? I would love some fro yo.

I just ate a bowl of ice cream?

I would like some more.

I wonder what this means for Baby Dub?

Will she be allergic to dairy?

I heard a story about a lady who craved peanuts something fierce during pregnancy, and ate peanuts and peanut butter and all manner of peanuttyness throughout her pregnancy, and guess what happened to her baby? Peanut allergy, that’s what.

I had a friend tell me that they ate a piece of chocolate cake every day of their pregnancy.

I haven’t gone that far. I have icecreamfree days. They are brutal, but I have them. Sometimes I have a frozen yogurt instead. Or a kind of sketchy Cadbury Egg that was in my Christmas stocking.

I remember before I was pregnant, and ice cream was a treat to be enjoyed maybe once a month, probably less.

How did I live?

I figure ice cream cravings are better than say, Cheetoh cravings. No Yellow No. 5 for Baby Dub! So I do indulge this pregnancy craving, and fairly often. I am not a medical professional, but I suspect this isn’t the BEST thing for Baby Dub. But it can’t be the worst thing. Know what would be worse? A world without ice cream. And that’s no world to raise a child in.

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