Baby Genius

Maybe you didn’t know that my husband is a genius.

This weekend we got the news that the Hubs has passed his test to be a journeyman plumber. I’ve never been so proud.

I’m no slouch in the intellectual department either. Not to brag, but I’m pretty sharp. So much so in fact that it is my maiden name.


What this means is that we are brewing ourselves a tiny bundle of baby genius right now.

I knew Baby Dub would be remarkable, being a combination of my genes and the Hubs’ genes (nature), plus sure to be surrounded by greatness in the form of her parents, her grandmas and grandpas, uncles and aunties, cousins and of course, Mommy & Daddy’s friends (nurture).

But now I am confident there will be something above and beyond about this little girl. Her Daddy will soon be proudly sporting a sticker on his hard hat that reads “Dr. Pipe”, while her Mommy can easily recite to you Psalm 119 (the longest chapter in the Bible, thankyouverymuch) and can sightread complicated piano compositions with ease.

We got the news about The Hubs’ record-breaking test scores on Saturday night. We had spent the day at a BBQ in the Tricities, so even though we knew that the news would likely be waiting for us in the mail when we got home, we were distracted by good food, good company and an hour long drive home.

Once we took the exit off the highway, The Hubs got the jimmy-leg. He started shifting uncomfortably in the passenger seat. Putting his feet up on the dash, putting them back on the floor, rubbing his forehead, scratching his beard, generally freaking out.

“I don’t even want to know. I would rather wait another few days than find out bad news today.”

5 Minutes Later

“I have to know tonight. I don’t care either way, but I have to know now.”

We had the keys to the mailbox in the car. We pulled right up to the mailbox. The Hubs quickly returned to the car with a stack of envelopes, one particularly official looking.

I saw the test scores first, and they were good.

I yelled “You passed and you did really good!!!!”

It was a moment of jubilation. I’m so very proud of my genius spouse.

There are moments when what is going on for another individual is much, much more important than anything you have going on in your life. You experience these with family, with friends, with students and co-workers. You experience them more fully and more frequently with your spouse.

Imagine how intense these moments of empathy will be with our own child!

I am going to quite possibly be the worst/best stage mom ever.

Naturally, I am invested in my own success. I also care very greatly for my husband’s success in life and in his career and just all across the board. I want him to win backyard games of catch.

When we have a little girl, who wants to play tee-ball, or who wants to dance, or who wants to play the piano, or who wants to be in plays… I am going to be a terrifying visage on the sidelines. I will be screaming at referees. I will be consulting with the dance teacher, sitting in on the piano lessons, volunteering backstage at her plays.

It is going to be awesome.

My own mother was an excellent stage mom. Growing up, I had a lot going on extracurricularly. Momma Sue was there for as much of it as she could be… driving me hours and hours, to play rehearsals, piano lessons, Master’s Classes, recitals, auditions. My Dad was pretty awesome at this as well, signing me up for acting camps and acting as chauffeur whenever Mom had to work and making me my favorite breakfast before a big piano adjudication. My parents also walked the course at my brother’s golf tournaments, volunteered to be on rules committees for WJGA events, drove to our boarding school to watch my sister’s basketball and volleyball games. We had a ridiculous support system.

My husband’s parents were just as active with the extracurriculars. The Hubs went to highschool an hour away from where his family lived, but his dad still showed up for basketball games and got riled up at the poor refereeing. When the Hubs returned from a summer fishing in Alaska, his mom was there with a big batch of his favorite pasta salad… and guess what? Today, that very same pasta salad made an appearance at a celebratory dinner with the Dub Clan.

We had such excellent examples of parental support growing up. We are destined for parenting greatness.

No matter what our progeny excels at (and I imagine she will excel in many areas), she will be surrounded by people who root for her no matter what the sport or activity, who blissfully revel in her successes and anguish at her defeats, drive hours to take her out to dinner to the Olive Garden when she loses the student body presidency race (Thanks, Mom), make her favorite dinner the night after she wins the spelling bee.

I cannot wait to meet this tiny Baby Genius we are working on right now. I can’t wait to celebrate her first success… even if it is just sleeping through the night.

I imagine that celebration will be pretty rowdy.


6 thoughts on “Baby Genius

  1. Judith Milam says:

    Did you mention your talent in writing?!?!!? Congratulations in all areas!!!! There is one special little girl that is going to have a fun-filled life with some wonderful sounding parents and grand-parents!
    I can’t wait to meet her! When is she due? You take care and may God bless you during this time!! Love Judith

    • MommaDub says:

      Thank you so much for stopping by, Judith! We are having a great time on this journey… Baby Dub is due July 4, and she simply can’t come fast enough. Thanks again for the well-wishes… hope to see you soon!

  2. Barb says:

    Awsome reading this sweetie. She also has some hugely intelligent “great” aunt plus her off spring that will contribute to the amazingness that this little one will be… -Auntie Barb who can’t wait for the northern trek coming soon…

  3. Auntie Dub says:

    I second that on the writing. Not commenting on every post, but I do read them all and this is such a great way to chronicle this time for Little Miss Dub. She’ll have fun reading this someday!

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