Rules, rules, rules!

I have read just about every piece of pregnancy literature I can get my hands on. I have steered entirely clear of parenting literature.

I don’t know why, but I have no interest in reading the stuff that will actually prepare me for a real live person to raise. I think it is because I’m confident that no matter how prepared I think I am for this, once she arrives, I’m going to be completely at a loss.

It’ll be up to me and the Hubs to trial-and-error our way through it – common sense to be considered of course.

Sleep training.

Potty training.


Not spoiling.

I’m sure there are a million “methods” that work. I would welcome your recommendation! But I am not sure I’m ready to start reading that stuff.

My pregnancy journey has been nothing like what my books told me to expect. I’m certain that no two pregnant women have the same experience. Why should parenting be any different?

Not that I want to be unprepared for parenting. I’m sure sometime between now and July I will get practical, and I will educate myself on “Ferberizing” and I’ll read On Becoming Babywise and I’ll weigh my options and talk it out with Zeb and we’ll have a parenting plan of some sort.

I’m not sure I’m going to enjoy it.

But I did enjoy this blog post – “25 Rules for Mothers of Daughters”. Oh Pinterest, how I love thee for your treasure trove of discoveries, both craft-oriented and otherwise.

Read it. Love it. I will take advice like this any old day.

I can’t wait to put all 25 rules into practice.


3 thoughts on “Rules, rules, rules!

  1. Momma sue says:

    I quickly HAD to read it and see if I measured up. Truly I missed done things in loving and parenting you-BUT we also did dome things right-look what a fabulous person you became! Your little girlie will be equally and even more so fabulous! You and Zeb will be terrific parents – even without digesting parenting books-daddy and I came to the conclusion somewhere along the way that we should “say yes as often as possible”. If we were going to say yes eventually, our “nos” would be meaningless! We loved each of you kids with enthusiasm and tried to help eith whatever you needed to accomplish your goals. I’m sure we let you down at times, but remember we are human-as are you! Love you mommaDub!

  2. Auntie Dub says:

    Oh I loved that. I also read the one for moms of boys. Both had me tearing up. So much good stuff.

  3. You might enjoy “Bring up bebe,” an American journalist’s expose on the differences between French and American parents. Pretty fascinating!

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