Baby Dub does Business

This week I had to be in California for an important business trip. Thus the prolonged silence on the ol’ Baby Dub blog.

I was wary about the travel. As mentioned in previous blog posts, Baby Dub has made it evident she, like her mother, doesn’t like to fly.

But the trip went splendidly and the travel was much easier on me than the last time I had to fly.

I spent the majority of Friday talking. I had a 2 hour presentation followed by two one-hour breakout sessions that I led. To put it lightly, I did a lot of talking.

People who know me are well aware that I tend to talk with more than my mouth. My whole body gets involved. As I looked at a room full of folks sitting at chairs around a conference table, I couldn’t help it. I had to get up for my presentation. I needed to be up and moving, talking with my hands.

This revealed in much more solid light the “bump”. I am six months pregnant, people. It isn’t hide-able any longer. And once I stood up in front of all these folks, I couldn’t help but notice the questioning glances at my mid-section. While I am obviously carrying extra heat in the belly region, nobody wants to ASSUME that I’m pregnant.

As Brian Regan puts it, “I believe the rule is: don’t guess at that, ever, ever ever ever ever EVER ever.”

But I could tell people were wondering.

After the first session, one of the women at the presentation came up and congratulated me – she’d checked with my boss to confirm that I was indeed with child before saying anything.

So I’m obviously not quite to the stage where people who don’t know me can openly “worship” me. If people are too scared to guess that I’m pregnant then I probably won’t be getting much adoration from the unknowing public.

Which is quite alright, because my family is doing a pretty good job of that already.


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