Like Mother, like daughter

It appears that Baby Dub is already taking after her mother.

See, our Baby can tell when she is being talked about. And she likes it.

One of the delights I experience every day is the feeling of Baby Dub wriggling around in my tummy. She’s a particularly active fetus. And I think the reason people say that feeling their baby move is like butterflies is because it actually GIVES you butterflies. At least, it gives me butterflies. Every time I feel her punch or kick, I get a jolt of excitement – this is happening, we are having a baby, and she is making sure we don’t forget it.

But yesterday, Baby Dub must have been working on other important matters, because I went the whole day without noticing much movement.

I was working on important matters myself. Laundry. Grocery shopping. Bachelorette party planning with my gorgeous sister. These are the matters that occupied my Sunday.

But as I was getting ready for bed, rubbing my belly with coconut lotion that Zeb hates the smell of, I realized that I hadn’t had butterflies all day.

The quickening had slowed.

I am not one to jump to panic or worst case scenarios, but I felt compelled to mention Baby Dub’s sedentary day to the Hubs.

“Baby Dub hasn’t been moving around very much today – she must be sleepy,” I said, as I crawled into bed

Offended, Baby Dub picked that moment to kick real hard… like, a can’t-mistake-that-for-gas kick.

As if to say “Hello! I spent today working on getting super tall and gorgeous and awesome, and thus had no time to entertain you. But don’t you worry. I’m still here.”

Her timing was impeccable.

I was delighted.

She’s always ready to put on a show when required.

I expect nothing less from our progeny.

We’re going to have our hands full.

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