I totally had this idea…

I work out as often as I can.

Okay, I work out when time allows. And when other things don’t sound better. Like sleeping. Or eating Oreo Cookie ice cream.

But when I do workout, I jam out. What do I jam out to? My LMFAO “Sorry for Party Rocking” album.

My favorite song? “I’m sexy and I know it”

You know the jam. I get it stuck in my head and it doesn’t go away.

Today I stumbled across this video.

PREGNANT and I know it…

I totally had this idea, people. Every time I hear this song, I think to myself, “I’m pregnant and I know it.” And I thought to myself, if I had time, I could write a sick rap parody of this and make a music video.

But I didn’t.

Somebody else did.

And it is so much better than what I could have done.

Revel in its glory.

But know that I thought of it first.

I pee when I sneeze!!!

Oh I’m laughing still.

Waddle waddle waddle waddle waddle… yea.


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