Surprise, surprise

My favorite grown-up-ish birthday happened in college. My bestie took me to the movies and we saw The Sweetest Thing, which turns out to be one of my favorite girlie movies of all time. Don’t judge me.

After the movie, Bestie L drove me back to the dorm, but took a wrong turn.

“What, where could we be going?”

There’s a park right by the girls’ dorms at Walla Walla University, and there waiting for me was a gang, a posse, a crowd of my friends.

Bestie L had thrown me a surprise party at the park!! What I always wanted!!

I love surprises.

This year we’ve had a lot of fun surprises. Getting pregnant was a surprise. An awesome one.

I like surprises so much that I like to surprise other people. I especially enjoy surprising my husband. Not just by getting pregnant. But with other things too.

This year is a particular landmark birthday for the Hubs, and in celebration, I decided to do one of the things we’ve always talked about doing on his birthday.

No, we didn’t go to The Masters.

We don’t have Masters money.

Fenway ParkI surprised the Hubs with tickets to opening weekend at Fenway Park in Boston, MA.


I finally got to give the tickets to The Big Guy this weekend, at his birthday bbq. I have had the hardest time keeping this trip a secret… it was like a birthday present for me just to get the news off my chest.

It’s like our Babymoon and The Hubs’ birthday all wrapped in to one. And one less epic trip on the bucket list. And one awesome thing to look forward to. Once Baby Dub arrives, surprise trips to far away locales will be much less frequent. So I had to get one last shot in.

The joy of the surprise has me thinking about all the fun surprises we have in store for us this year.

Like how much hair Baby Dub will come out with. My mom said I had hair from my eyebrows to my buttcrack.

Or which parent Baby Dub is going to look most like. If she’s hairy like I was, I hope she looks more like The Hubs too. “Yes, this is my monkey child. She’s shedding rapidly.”

Or when Baby Dub is going to arrive. The family pools are just beginning. She’s due July 4. Does she come early, late, right on time? My money is on early – our daughter is an overachiever.

How huge Baby Dub’s head will be! Oh what a delightful surprise that is sure to be. I wear the same size hat as my husband. And I had the largest head in my high school graduating class.

I know this because I saw the orders for the graduation caps. I compared my size to everybody else’s. I now realize that was not a competition I should have been so proud to win. 

What else?

Surprise! Our baby sleeps through the night!

Surprise! Your own baby’s poop really DOESN’T stink!

Surprise! Marriage is easier with a baby on board!

I can’t wait for all the surprises our daughter will bring.

Surprise! I learned how to walk while you weren’t looking! Where could I be?

Surprise! I’m not potty trained quite yet.

Surprise! My first word is a four-letter gem, and grandma and grandpa are visiting!

She’s going to be the BEST surprise. Every day.

2 thoughts on “Surprise, surprise

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