Advanced Moves

A strange and fascinating thing is happening in my belly.

Not just the miracle of forming baby parts without even really thinking about it.

Baby Dub is getting into some Advanced Moves.

Gone are the days of the little butterfly hiccup jabs.

We have evolved to full body rolls, stretching, repositioning of limbs.

I can watch my belly move and it isn’t just little flutters. It’s full rolling landscapes.

It’s completely bizarre and wildly entertaining.

I woke up the other morning and Baby Dub was being particularly active. I sometimes like to talk for our daughter, so I was doing my Baby Dub voice and saying something amusing to The Hubs.

He informed me that it looked like my belly button was talking.

That is awesome.

To my non-pregnant friends and acquaintances, this is what you have to look forward to.

Advanced Moves.

I feel like our daughter has already taken her first steps. I’m going to be MORE proud than this?

It’s hard to believe.


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