My heart’s on fire

…and not just with love for our unborn child.

Ladies and gentlemen, the proverbial pregnancy heartburn has arrived.

I feel like I’m going to burp flames.


A coworker informed me today that if you have heartburn it’s a sign you’ll have a hairy baby.


I suppose it could be worse. If this is the first sign of true discomfort I’m experiencing in pregnancy, I’ve had a good run.

9 weeks to go.

Bring it on. And bring on the TUMS.

2 thoughts on “My heart’s on fire

  1. Auntie Dub says:

    Ooh dang…bet that spicy Mongolian the other day didn’t help!!

  2. […] issue ailments of the 3rd trimester don’t appear to be plaguing me the way they plague many. One bout of heartburn, a puke-free pregnancy thus far, and pretty awesome sleep (despite some vivid dreams)… […]

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