4th of July baby? 4th of July, Baby!

Our baby is due the 4th of July. I used to want her to come, I dunno, 2 weeks early.

I’m the maid of honor (matron?) in my sister’s wedding on July 28 and I wanted all the time I could get to be in some kind of shape that isn’t round for the big day.

But now, I know a little more about baby development. I want to keep Baby Dub in there all the way to her due date if I can.

This would mean that our Independence Day would likely be spent in the hospital, which would kinda suck. BUT on the bright side, our daughter would have the 4th of July for her birthday.

Of all the holidays to share your DOB with, the 4th of July is the very best, I think.

Here’s why:

#1. Fireworks, baby!

Fireworks are the coolest. And if I could legally shoot off a bunch of fireworks on my birthday every year, I would. Baby Dub, if all goes to plan, will have fireworks and sparklers every year on her birthday. Awesome.

#2. No gifts on the 4th of July!

Unlike sharing your birthday with Valentine’s Day or Christmas, our daughter will never have to worry about the gift double-up. You know, when your birthday is on (or close enough to) a holiday so people get you one “big” gift that isn’t really equal to two normal sized gifts. Sorry, Christmas Babies – you know you’re getting the short end of the stick.

#3. She’ll never have to work on her birthday…

…unless she works somewhere COMPLETELY un-American.

I think I’ve stated my case.

One thought on “4th of July baby? 4th of July, Baby!

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