Birthing Class, Part 3

Last night was our third birthing class, and it was all about managing labor pains.

Last week, I was the one with the giggles in class. This week, it was the Hubs.

He was red-faced and snorting practically throughout.

Not only did we watch a video with lots of bra-less women moaning (a pain management technique I will try only in desperation), we followed this up with actual practice of the demonstrated techniques.

Imagine a room filled with bouncy labor balls, backrub/massage devices, and fabric slings. Then imagine using these in a variety of methods. For instance, lean on a bouncy ball while your husband rubs your hips with a tennis ball. Lunge against a chair while your husband keeps the chair from moving (a position The Hubs dubbed “The Captain”). Or try “The Bobsled” – sitting on the floor with your husband straddling you from behind, with instructions to “encourage your partner to relax the perineum”.

Now imagine doing all of this in a room full of strangers.


One thought on “Birthing Class, Part 3

  1. […] whom we were supposed to be embarking on this parenting journey at the same time, people we shared birthing class embarrassment with, even went to the same doctor. And you know what? I enjoyed it thoroughly. For whatever […]

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