Showered, and waves of emotion

This weekend, my sister and my mother threw me a baby shower.

It was a “Rub a Dub Dub” themed shower, inspired by our apparently confusing baby nickname*.

*Our last name starts with a W. Dubblya. Dub. Baby Dub.

Due to the Baby Boom amongst our close friends over the past few years, I have had the privilege of attending many a baby shower recently, and I have grown to love them dearly. But none has been quite so beloved as the baby shower that my sister and mom threw for me this last weekend.

It was a glorious event, people. Never have I felt so loved and supported and surrounded by incredible family.

It was even better than the surprise birthday party my BFF threw me in college.

And that’s saying something.

First off, a tip o’ the hat to my lovely Aunt G for hosting it at her house.

Second, a nod to the chefs (my mom and dad). Epic potato salad, baked beans, SHAMBURGER SLIDERS? O. M. G.

Third, the decor. Rubber duckies everywhere! An abundance of pink! I wanted to take all of it home and plaster it across Baby Dub’s room.

Fourth, here’s a genius plan. My sister in law recommended a diaper raffle, I told Mom, and my mom ran with it, creating the “Baby Dub Diaper Derby”. Everybody who brought a package of diapers got entry in to the Derby, with two great prizes on the line.

Guess who has a house full of diapers?

Fifth, the people. I have the absolute best friends and family, hands down, no question. My Mother-and-Sisters-in-Law came down from their Memorial Day camping bonanza to be at the shower. Friends and family drove over from the far corners of Washington and Oregon. Far-away-friends-and-family who couldn’t make the trip shipped treasures to our house. Over the top, overwhelming support and love was felt.

I am blessed.

Sixth, the legacy stuff. Throughout my pregnancy, I’ve been reminded of how important our family legacy is. This is partially due to the sad saying-goodbye that comes with losing family members. It’s also due to the stories you are privy to once you join the ranks of mom-to-be… gems from your mom about you drinking out of the toilet when you were little, or from your mother-in-law about your Husband back when he was giving people BabyStankEye.

Last Christmas, my grandmother gave us a hand-made blanket that she had started knitting months before she knew we were having a baby… “for the next grandchild”. I was so touched and delighted with this soft, well-loved treasure… the thought of wrapping our little bundle in this tiny piece of family legacy, of telling her when she was old enough to understand that this was made by her great-grandmother, knowing how attached kids can get to their blankets… well, it makes me a little teary thinking of it even now!

Flash forward to Shower 2012 and I’m done opening presents, or so I think. My grandma tells me to look under the seat of the glider I’m sitting in. Here I have been thinking of how comfortable the chair is all afternoon, and my Grandmother is giving it to me as our shower gift! Then she and Momma Sue pipe up that there’s also a tag on the afghan behind me.

The tag, hand-crafted by Momma Sue in true “anything can be a keepsake” fashion, reads:

Baby Dub,

30 years ago your Grandma S and Your Great Grandma R started this afghan. It was supposed to be for your mommy! Now it is a gift for you from 3 generations – with much love!

Okay, I started crying just typing that.

And I cried right there in front of a crowded room of family and friends.

I’ll say it again, I am so very blessed. Generations of love have made me who I am today, have shaped who my wonderful husband is, have made us the couple that we are in the union of marriage. Between the Hubs and I, we figure we have enough love to shower Baby Dub for a thousand lifetimes. Add to that the love of our incredible family and friends?

This baby has it MADE!

Also, we got a car seat from Auntie J… “Because you can’t bring her home without it.”

We are pretty lucky.



2 thoughts on “Showered, and waves of emotion

  1. Nelita says:

    I’m sobbing. And I have snot on my sleeve now.

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