Check the date

It’s June 4.

We are one month from our due date!

Come Wednesday, we’ll be exactly 4 weeks from Baby Dub’s projected arrival.

A lot can get accomplished in one month… right?

That’s 30 days to find a place for the mountain of diapers currently occupying our living room.

30 days to finish washing all the baby clothes we received at the shower last weekend.

30 days is ample time to read (and maybe re-read) The Happiest Baby on the Block.

To at least read the instruction manual on my breast pump.

To learn how to take a decent picture with my fancy camera (my Christmas gift from the Hubs).

To identify online shops that carry large breast-feeding bras.

To research one or two more day cares.

To make and freeze a bunch of casseroles.

If people can go through 28 day rehab programs and completely change their lives, I think I can get ready for a baby in the next 28+. Because I’m pretty sure she is going to completely change our lives.

Good thing this whole parenting thing is a two person job.



One thought on “Check the date

  1. Nicole says:

    Good news…at 30 days and counting you can go to Nordstroms and get fit for a nursing bra that’ll still work after you have the baby. One thing you can check off your list. 😉

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