Showered Part Two – the Photographic Evidence

Cute, tasty cake!

My amazing mom is letting me use these for Baby Dub’s room decor.

Tiny cups and straws! Hooray!

My incredibly crafty SIL made this adorable diaper four-wheeler. How am I supposed to take this apart?

The Ducky Diaper Derby… GENIUS!

Shoes so darn adorable they made me cry.

Tiny little hand-made baby booties!

Epic 4th of July quilt made by Auntie Stu.

I showed this to my husband and he said “Oh baby I can’t wait to see our baby in that.”

Another epic handmade treasure from Auntie Nat

Me and Grandma Sue

Me and Auntie Shiz… the camera adds 10 pounds. The baby adds the other 25.

3 thoughts on “Showered Part Two – the Photographic Evidence

  1. Nicole says:

    It really was a beautiful shower! Your family did such a great job.

  2. Okay, the booties? I die. Cuteness OVERLOAD! Also, did your amazing mom make those rose topiary things? And if so, can she please write a tutorial? Shawna like!

    • MommaDub says:

      Momma Sue did in fact make the topiaries and I am getting them for baby room decor! I will ask for a tutorial… They look labor intensive. Have I mentioned my mom is the greatest??

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