Bump Updates – because you love to see me getting fatter right?!

The bump is in full effect folks. I’m going to show all the way from 10 weeks through 35 because that’s how I roll. You need the whole effect. Let’s take a journey.

10 Week Belly

10 Weeks!

11 Week Belly

11 Weeks!

12 Week Belly

12 Weeks!

13 Week Belly

13 Weeks!

14 Week Belly

14 Weeks!

15 week belly

15 Weeks!

16 Week Belly

16 Weeks!

17 week belly

17 Weeks!

18 week belly

18 Weeks!

19 week belly

19 Weeks!

20 week belly

20 Weeks!

21 week belly

21 Weeks!

22 Week Belly

22 Weeks

23 week belly

23 Weeks!

24 week belly

24 Weeks!

25 week belly

25 Weeks!

26 weeks

26 Weeks!

27 Weeks

27 Weeks!

Fenway Entrance

28 Weeks! Okay this is the only week I didn’t get my formal belly pic but I was in BOSTON!

29 week belly

29 Weeks!

30 Week Belly

30 Weeks!

31 Week belly

31 Weeks!

32 week belly

32 Weeks!

33 Week Belly

33 Weeks!

34 week belly

34 Weeks!

35 weeks

35 Weeks!



4 thoughts on “Bump Updates – because you love to see me getting fatter right?!

  1. This was really awesome! I wish that I would have captured each week during my pregnancies. You look wonderful and I can’t wait to see pictures of your child.

  2. Love this! My favorite part is your gigantic smile in every picture. So happy for you!!

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