That’s a Big Baby

At our last doctor’s appointment, The Doc expressed some concern about a dramatic increase in my fundal height. The size of the ol’ uterus increased a bit more than normal for a 2 week span, so Doc ordered an ultrasound, just to be sure baby’s not getting too big.

Say what?!

This was the first sign of troubles in my pregnant waters, and I can’t pretend I wasn’t a little more than worried. I don’t want a huge baby. I want a nice, normal sized baby. And if she’s too big, why?! What have I done to create a giant?!

My husband’s reaction was much more rational.

“What are you worried about, babe? That you’re so good at making babies that you need less time than most people to make them the right size?”

Oh, you perfect man.

Friday was the ultrasound. I was nervous, and a little stressed, but actually mostly just excited because we were going to get to see our daughter.

She didn’t disappoint.

Once we saw her little figure on the ultrasound screen, it was like falling in love all over again – craning my neck to see as much as I could, asking the ultrasound tech what each thing was, delighting to see her little heart beat, her intact femur, her normal sized head. The ultrasound tech announces, “Well, she’s definitely a girl!”

I’d been a little worried, having heard stories of the ultrasound being wrong and out comes a boy when you were exciting a bouncing baby girl. I know I used to want a son, but I’m pretty set on a girl now.

Our daughter is doing some sort of contortionist act, hands and feet all smashed up by her head. The ultrasound tech tried to get her to turn a little, or to open her mouth, a totally amusing conversation that eventually resulted in the ultrasound tech calling our daughter a “turd.”

We could see our daughter in profile, her little fists up by her face, nodding her head rhythmically.

“She is her mother’s daughter,” muttered the Hubs.

I do like to rock out.

And then the ultrasound tech said, “Woo, she’s looking right at us!”

And she was. There was Baby Dub’s adorable, chubby cheeked face. We got pictures.

It’s a real face, people.

I know I’ve said I’ll never post an ultrasound pic, so you’ll have to “special request” seeing the first picture of our daughter’s beautiful face. This is no “Ghost Rider” pic like we got at 20 weeks (The Hubs HATES this picture where her eye sockets are visible and she kind of looks like a skeleton face). Though she does have little Shrek ears, she looks like a human.

I’m excited to find out what our daughter looks like, in the flesh, for reals. But I can’t help but steal a look at the ultrasound pic from Friday every once in a while, comforted by the fact that our daughter has two eyeballs, a not-too-big nose, cute little lips and big chubby cheeks that I can’t wait to squeeze.

Our baby has a face!

And even better news… she is TOTALLY normal sized.

The ultrasound tech said she’s measuring perfectly for 36 weeks. She probably was just stretching out, thus the increase in the fundal height.

Did you know that ultrasound techs can make a pretty good guess at how much your baby weighs just from the measurements they take? Say wha?!

I shouldn’t have asked.

Baby Dub weighs in at just under 6 pounds. According to my baby apps, our baby should gain about a half a pound every week until she’s delivered. Which means if we make it to 40 weeks, she’s going to be just shy of 8 pounds.

That’s a BIG BABY right?!

I am becoming less concerned with keeping her in there until the 4th of July, that’s all.

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