Keeping the name a secret

We’ve been calling our daughter “Baby Dub”. Did you pick up on that?

There are at least two reasons for this:

#1. It’s a freakin’ adorable nickname.

#2. We aren’t telling her real name until she’s born.

I highlight recommend keeping your baby name a secret. Here are at least two good reason for that:

#1. You don’t really need a bunch of stuff with your baby’s name on it, right? Maybe one or two things, but not a whole bunch.

#2. You don’t really want other people’s unsolicited opinions on your choice of baby name.

It’s not that I particularly care what other people have to say about our baby name. Nothing you say is changing my mind, because I’ve wanted to name a daughter this for at least 10 years. Bonus: the Hubs is 100% on board with Baby Dub’s name too, so we don’t even really have to worry about some comment causing a mutiny in the Dub household.

But when you have a baby on the way, there are several conversations you have… over, and over, and over again. The “Are you ready to be done?” conversation. The “How are you feeling?” conversation. Many more that I can’t think of right now because it’s after 9 o’clock and I’m exhausted. I just don’t want to add the baby name conversation to the mix.

As a friend of mine put it: “You kind of get sick of saying the name over and over and over. You don’t want to get tired of your own child’s name!”

I’ve heard of people being talked out of their first choice by the blurted-out opinions of others.

“Aren’t you worried he’ll get made fun of?”

“The only XXX I ever knew was a dog.”

“I went to highschool with a XXX and she was a real b****.”

“Isn’t that a boy’s/girl’s name?”

“No, really, what are you going to name him?”**

**Friends of ours really got this response. People thought their baby name was a joke. What’s wrong with people?!

Avoid all these awkward conversations by just keeping that baby name to yourself.

Once it’s on the birth certificate, it becomes much less acceptable to blurt out your rude/careless opinion.

I think some people take the whole baby name conversation as their opportunity to help shape the name-choosing process. Which is why I’m glad I was never torn between one or two names. All of a sudden, everybody’s casting their vote, and it’s somehow something to take personally if you don’t end up naming the kid THEIR first pick.

I went to a baby shower a few months ago – before I knew we were having a girl – and got cornered by a few attendees who wanted all the scoop on baby names. Having the girl’s name locked down, I kept that to myself, but the boy names were still up for debate, so I threw a few out there.

All of a sudden I’m getting celebrity names thrown at me left, right and center. My two to three “top picks” were twisted, hybrid-ized with other names, added to, shortened, and generally manipulated into an unrecognizable list.

Lesson learned.

Feel free to do this your own way. Some people LOVE to have the baby name conversation. Some people WANT opinions, votes, etc. That’s cool. That’s your right.

But as for me and my hubs… we’ll keep it on the hush.

You’ve got a few more weeks to wait.


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