The waning days

What to expect:

Your dreams become much more vivid when you’re pregnant. Particularly in the waning days. Basically all I think about (between “What’s for dinner?” and “What do I need to get done at work?”) is Baby Dub’s arrival, so I have a lot of baby dreams. They vary from mildly disturbing to downright dream-tastic.

You oscillate between totally overwhelmed and totally non-plussed. One moment, I cannot fathom being a parent. I’m not prepared, I’m not equipped, is this really happening? And then 5 seconds later, I can hardly wait for Baby Dub to get here already, so I can find out how prepared and equipped we really are.

Your emotions run a bit wild. Little things you wouldn’t expect, like your 100 pound black lab being particularly gentle with a toddler, make you cry. Huge dramas leave you completely un-phased. It’s like opposite day with your emotions. Just be prepared to not be prepared for what your emotions do in the waning days.

The house is not going to be clean enough. We should have hired a housecleaner a long time ago, because now there’s no chance our house will be “Baby Ready Clean” before she arrives. All my nesting instincts have been isolated to the baby room, where no item is allowed to be out of place and I wash and rewash clothes, sheets, changing table covers, and toys. Meanwhile, the hallway is cluttered with all the crap we moved out of the baby room, we still haven’t put away the carpet cleaner, there are unsorted piles of mail and unfinished crafts on the kitchen table, and our refrigerator is stocked exclusively with condiments.

You realize how great you have it. From the hubs to the ‘rents to the sibs to the in-laws to the workplace, I feel pretty grateful in the waning days for all the people who helped get me through Baking up Baby Dub. Good thing these same peeps will be around for Raising up Baby Dub. I wouldn’t trade ’em for the freakin’ world.

I’m ready for the waning days to finish waning so I can meet Baby Dub.


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