Ticking Time Bomb

All last week, I referred to myself as a ticking time bomb.

Whenever I was asked by a client or coworker or stranger on the street how I was feeling, I would respond “Oh you know, like a ticking time bomb.”

My friend pointed out that given my previous post about not wanting to be told I look like I’m “about to pop” maybe referring to myself as a bomb (which explodes) wasn’t consistent. I see her point, but I hold that “pop” implies an accident, something unstable, while “explodes” implies force, intent.

So I’m glad we cleared that up.

But here we are, after the weekend I was SURE that our baby would arrive, and I’m on my way to work and our due date is the day after tomorrow, and I’m at the point where I don’t care whether I pop or explode, I just want to meet our daughter.


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