Past Due Desperation

I never even allowed for the possibility in my mind of going past our due date.

And here we are on July 5th, with no sign of a baby on the horizon.

Already, our daughter is starting to develop bad habits.

OR if I chose to spin this positively, our daughter is “Fashionably Late.”

I had wanted to have her on the 4th of July so very badly. I want to have her on the 5th of July even worse!

The 4th of July was an agony of a day. All day, any twinge, “could this be the start?” Nothing built momentum. We decided to play 9 holes of golf, trying to swing her out. No luck. I watched fireworks from my deck, secretly hoping the loud noises would shock her out.


I couldn’t sleep last night for quite some time. Baby Dub seemed to sense my aggravation, because she wiggled and squirmed for several hours while I laid there thinking of all the things I hadn’t gotten finished yet that maybe my body is waiting on.

“We haven’t picked a pediatrician yet. Maybe that’s why.”

“I never finished that mobile. She could be waiting for that to be done.”

“There’s laundry to be done. Perhaps she wants her mom to have clean clothes when she gets home from the hospital.”

At 12:07 am, I realized that we had officially missed our due date. Baby Dub is late.

I cried.

Leave it to the Hubs to put all of this in perspective.

“Baby, really the waiting game should start NOW.”


Argh!! It’s frustrating to be past due. I’ve completed the baby prep. I’ve done my 40 weeks. I should have a baby to show for it. Right?

She’s going to end up with a super brain from all the extra time in the uterus.

“Yes, I had a 10 lb. baby. But most of that is brains.”

I can’t think of anything else. I should be doing things that you can’t do once you have a baby. But all of that stuff is kind of off limits. Can’t go on a quick vacation. Can’t stay out late and get ¬†cocktails with friends (that is strictly prohibited!). BAH! Plus none of that sounds good anyway.

All I want to do is have a baby.


One thought on “Past Due Desperation

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