The longest days of your life…

…are the days following your due date.

I’m sure this is true whether you’ve actually had the baby or not.

In my case, we are still baby-free, and I gotta tell you, I’m not enjoying the waiting game much.

I’m so grateful for the Hubs, who patiently endures the random mope-fests, the huffing and puffing because “I can’t think of anything to do”, who rubs my pressure points and goes for long walks with me and offers to run to the store to buy evening primrose oil capsules.

I married a good man.

I’ve also gone for more walks in the past week and a half than I can keep track of. I’ve traded our comfy couch for the bounce-ball. I ate an entire jalapeno on Tuesday.

Ladies, these “labor inducing methods” are for the birds. Unless they make you feel better. For me, they’ve all been fruitless. Yes, you can pump your body full of herbs and spicy food and teas and pineapple and castor oil. Whatever makes your skirt fly up (or your stomach twist and turn). You can walk miles on end. But if your baby isn’t ready to come out, he or she is staying put.

Baby Dub is stubborn, living proof.

My parents were here all week, and she couldn’t come on time?

My hubby’s brother and his wife are close this weekend – she couldn’t have made her entrance in time to meet her Aunt & Uncle in non-wrinkly form?

I’ve got to attain a zen-like state about this whole baby arrival thing. I can do nothing to coax her out. Bargaining isn’t working. “Natural labor induction methods” have proven ineffective. She’s going to show when she’s good and ready, and I think if I was less desperate to meet her, I’d probably be pretty proud of her for sticking to her guns right now.

This girl will not cave to peer pressure.

Or parental pressure.

So we continue to wait. And I try to make the most of it.

Baby Dub just better not make a habit of being late. This is frowned upon by the Shiz side of the family.


2 thoughts on “The longest days of your life…

  1. Momma sue says:

    Way to out us Shizzes-love you momma dub! You are holding up like a trooper! Anticipation!!!! It’s making us all a little crazy!

  2. […] remember how agonizingly long my pregnancy with Hudson felt. How long those last days were. Then, after, when Dr. M told me to wait 6 months before we start trying for Baby Dub Dos, I was […]

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