Baby Dub is still, as the title of this post indicates, a no-show.

Four days past our due date.

We are now closer to 41 weeks than 40.

And not an inkling of her arrival. She’s stayin’ put.

The good attitude, the brave face that I’d attempted to put on earlier this week has faded and I’m back to being aggravated and a little put out.

I mean, come on, Baby Dub. This does not bode well. Already showing signs of stubbornness and tardiness? Failing to respond to parental pleas? I can only pray these are merely personality traits that are being displayed in utero and that will disappear upon entry to the real world.

I always try to end my posts on a positive note – after all, our daughter will one day be old enough to read, and I don’t want her thinking I bear any resentment toward her (but seriously, come on out already) – so here’s my attempt at a positive note.

I have had an inexplicably easy pregnancy. I sleep at night, I didn’t gain too much weight, I never threw up and have yet to discover a stretch mark (I thought I had found one about a week ago, but that’s a story for another day). I’ve suspected the easiness of my pregnancy might be a precursor to a horrible baby.

You thought this was going to be easy? Think again, sucker! You were blessed with this easy pregnancy because otherwise parenthood would have absolutely destroyed you.

But maybe these 4 days of waiting are my paid-penance for the puke-free, restful pregnancy.

That’s what I’m clinging to, right now. Bring on Day 5.

3 thoughts on “No-Show

  1. Momma sue says:


  2. Grandma Dub says:

    Maybe she is taking her cues from her daddy, he was due April 1 and decided to show on April 7. He always has liked to do things in his own time.

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