The joy of parenthood

Mommies and Daddies, hug your babies. Hug them tight. There is nothing more important in your entire life than this. You, your partner and your baby.

Nothing is more important.

I would give anything in this world for a few more moments with Hudson. To hold our beautiful baby girl in my arms just one more time. No amount of time could ever have been enough.

The three days of Hudson’s life were the most stressful and horrific yet somehow wonderful and proud and fulfilling days of my life. I cannot even begin to fathom the joy I would have felt to hear Hudson’s first cries. To change that first disgusting diaper. To look in my baby’s eyes, know she depends on us, employ the Five S’s and have them all fail.

Cherish every second with your baby. Don’t take this gift for granted. I am experiencing varying levels of anger and sadness, and my anger tends to be aimed at parents who do not understand the tremendous honor and privilege it is to be a parent. Don’t be one of those parents. I will hate you.

When Hudson’s baby brother or baby sister comes along, I will try to retain this perspective. When I’m awakened every 2 hours by a screaming infant, I will smile through my sleep-deprived haze as I roll out of bed to feed my baby. I will grin and bear the pain of chaffed nipples. I will love my C-Section scar. I will clean up the first diaper blow-out with glee.

You will never have a more important job than being parent. Be the best at it.

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