The Legendary Hair


that beautiful, Legendary hair…

Nobody can tell you where Hudson’s red hair came from.

Neither The Hubs nor Momma Dub has red hair. We don’t have relatives with red hair.

But Hudson was born with undeniably red hair. Trust me, I tried to deny it.

It’s all a part of the legend that is Baby Dub – Hudson Ruth Walter.

I didn’t believe it at first. When I first saw her, I was fighting off some general anesthesia from my C-Section, so who knows what I saw at that point. I think I saw full, thick hair, curly and matted from being in mommy’s tummy, but it was dark. Too dark to see any real red tinge.

I don’t think anybody who met her could escape comment on her ridiculously thick and amazing hair. “Where’d the red come from?”

When I arrived at the NICU and got to take a closer look at our precious baby girl, I had to grudgingly admit that there was a reddish tinge. Red highlights, maybe? We’ll call it strawberry blond.

My nine-year-old niece commented “She’s going to be one of those red haired, blue eyed girls with freckles!”

Evidently the term “ginger” hasn’t been effectively circulated with the 3rd grade crowd. Thank goodness.

Hudson’s head was a little cone shaped from the suction of the vacuum used during labor, before we had to go in for the emergency c-section. The top of her tiny cone head was matted with curly dark locks, and the front was soft, wispy and somehow windswept looking.

My best friend L commented “It makes it look like she’s been going really fast!”

On Thursday night, Hudson’s nurse washed her hair. No more matted mess at the back of her dome. The whole look was almost Posh Spice-esque when we came down to see her early that morning. A little comb over in the front, spikes in the back.

And so deliciously soft. Which I imagine Posh Spice can’t even compete with.

On Friday night, The Hubs and I were able to give our daughter a bath. I’d run my hands through her hair more times that I can count in those 3 days but there was nothing like taking a soapy washcloth to Hudson’s locks, rubbing her little dome with baby lotion. And when we were finally able to hold our daughter later that night, and I saw her freshly clean hair in the light, I had to admit finally through my tears “She does have red hair.”

When we found out we were having a baby girl, one of the things I really panicked about was the fact that I don’t know how to do a french braid. Our daughter was born with enough hair that a french braid was probably not out of the question. I drooled over those precious baby headbands that have flowers and feathers bigger than the baby’s face on them. As cute as they are, they don’t do our daughter justice. That curly auburn mop needed no embellishment.

But I would give anything to french braid Hudson’s hair.

3 thoughts on “The Legendary Hair

  1. shoehotline says:

    Awwww such a sweet memories of your baby girl

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  3. […] Another check from the doctor. Same, faint heart beat. We sang another song, swaddled our baby in her silky purple blanket, held her tighter, ran our hands through her legendary hair. […]

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