Reading to Hudson

We decided it was time to keep Hudson entertained with more than just our stories and whispered sweet nothings, so Grandma and Grandpa Shiz went to the store and picked up an assortment of children’s books so we could read to her.

From Dr. Seuss to Bedtime Stories to How do you Hug a Porcupine? we had a grand assortment of literature to read to our precious baby girl.

I treasure the memories of reading to Hudson. The first story, I struggled occasionally to get through parts, and not because “Pokey the Puppy” is a real tear jerker. I kept thinking how badly I wanted to be reading the story to Hudson in her crib or in the rocker in her room, not in a hospital bed with no idea how many more stories I’d get to read to her. The Hubs and I took turns reading, and doing voices, and occasionally ad libbing and making comments to each other (“This Pokey the Puppy seems like a bad character, Hudson. Don’t take your life lessons from Pokey the Puppy.”).

Occasionally, a line or two would make me clench up, but I got pretty good at getting through each story without losing too much steam.

I cherish every story we read to our daughter. I cherish the memories of taking turns reading with the Hubs, of listening to Auntie Shiz reading the Wacky Wednesday story and smiling at her animated rendition. Holding Hudson’s tiny hand or cradling her sweet head in my palm while regaling her with a tale of what I’d do with Duck Feet… These are some of my absolute favorite moments with Hudson, and I can’t think of what I wouldn’t give to read to her about Pokey the Puppy and his horrible siblings just one more time.

Even though it would have taught her nothing useful.


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