Singing to Hudson

Hudson’s Favorite Songs:

“With Hudson in the Family, happy happy home… happy happy home… happy happy home…”
“Jesus Loves Me”
“Rock Rock Rock”
“1,2,3 Jesus Loves Me”
“The Little ones like Me Me Me”

Mommy’s favorite thing:

Singing to Hudson

The first time I sang to Hudson, I tried to choke out a “Jesus Loves Me.” I could only whisper the words close to her ear. As I got better, I was able to sing most songs without crying or choking up. My Grandma helped me get my voice back.

My Grandma (Great Grandma R) arrived to visit Hudson on Friday. I asked her how the drive was, and was alarmed to learn that she’d made what should be a 6-7 hour drive in just 5 hours. I asked if she listened to books on tape or something to keep her awake (and keep the foot on the gas). Her response:

“No. I sing.”

Thank goodness Great Grandma R was there! I immediately enlisted her help so we could sing to Hudson together!

My Grandma has as low, sweet voice. No high notes to squeak out with Great Grandma R kicking us off. Together with my mom and my grandma, I was able to sing some of my childhood favorites to my daughter, without crying.

From then on, I didn’t hesitate to pick up a tune and sing to my daughter. It provided the perfect opportunity to get close to her sweet face and give kisses between stanzas.


2 thoughts on “Singing to Hudson

  1. Great grandma says:

    How sweet of you.

  2. […] check, she had a faint heartbeat. Knowing she was still there, we sang to our baby girl “With Hudson in the family, happy happy home.” I held her face close to mine and told her all the ways I was proud to be her mommy, how […]

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