On the day the iPhone 5 is announced…

My sister is big into technology. Particularly Apple products. This is the girl who follows blogs about the new iPhone, or tells me over a beer about the new, mini iPad that is rumored to be coming out next year.

Mini iPad? Isn’t that just an iPhone?

All that aside, this is one tech-freak who knows her game. My sister is always in tune to the zietgiest of the tech world. She makes “early adopters” look like they’re living in the 90s, with giant brick cell phones.

A few weeks ago, we did a little sister road trip and spent some time talking about Hudson, among other things. And when we were talking about Hudson, we started talking about the Baby Dub blog. And while we were talking about the Baby Dub blog, my sister said the funniest thing.

“I cannot wait for to hear some rumor or buzz or whisper about good news for you and your pregnantness. I used to check the Baby Dub blog every day for an update about my niece. It was like my checking out Apple sites. But I felt so connected to Hudson because of the blog and I couldn’t wait for the next update. Even more than the next iPhone!”

That’s right folks. Our daughter has a cult-like following.

And now, my uterus is going to be the center of anticipation the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the iPhone 5.

Baby Dub Dos.

I cannot wait for the next release from this ol’ uterus. I imagine that the BDD will have several cool new features (Turtle instead of hamburger? Ultrasound nerds will know what this means). I’ve heard tell that sometimes there are “Buy One, Get One” offers on releases from this particular line (heyo, two babies, one pregnancy). Baby Dub Dos could come in a different color (I heard the red is extremely limited and priceless), BDD might be bigger (or smaller) than the original. Unlike the original model, Baby Dub Dos will have a scheduled release date (scheduled C-Section, baby!). And just like the original, Baby Dub Dos will have people waiting in line overnight to get their hands on him or her.  Or him AND her!

Of course, the Baby Dub Dos is all rumor and speculation at this point. Nobody left the protoype for BDD in a bar.

What I’m entirely sure of is this: When Baby Dub Dos arrives, it will be like that Apple ad for the iPhone 4s.

“This Changes Everything. Again.”

3 thoughts on “On the day the iPhone 5 is announced…

  1. Heather says:

    Reading this made me feel so happy and hopeful! Thank you for sharing Erica.

  2. Auntie Barb says:

    Soaking in your words. Can’t wait for the next chapters. This chapter has changed my life so I’m walking for Baby Hudson at the Walk to Remember at Loma Linda coming up. Keep writing. The sharing goes further than you know. Loving u.

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