A year ago today…

Today is September 26, and a year ago today, Hudson’s life began.

Those of you who have been through this whole crazy thing that is “having a baby” will know how this math adds up. It’s weird, but it is true.

A lot can happen in a year. The best thing that ever happened to me began a year ago. The worst thing that ever happened to me happened just a few short weeks ago. How strange.

I had a good day today.

We got the Hudson’s Heroes teeshirts today. They are amazing.

The Best Shirt I’ve Ever Owned…

Don’t act like you don’t want one!

It’s weird to think about my life a year ago. I had no idea I was embarking on this journey a year ago. I was training for a half marathon then, too. I was very concerned with a fitness regimen. I believe I was doing Insanity.

We weren’t trying to get pregnant. We weren’t trying NOT to, and we weren’t opposed to it, but we certainly weren’t making a concerted effort.

I had completely different priorities a year ago.

Your life can completely change in a year. Less, even.

2 thoughts on “A year ago today…

  1. Momma sue says:

    What a difference a moment can make-the shirts look great-we will be proud to wear them-I hope today is a good day-I love you-grandma sue

    • MommaDub says:

      Thanks Mom. The shirts are amazing, aren’t they? And so comfy and runner-friendly! Thanks for being a part of Team Hudson’s Heroes. I love you always.

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