The Hudson Ruth Walter Memorial Beard

As I’ve mentioned here before, finding meaningful ways to memorialize Hudson’s life has become a constant part of my day-to-day. Running in Hudson’s honor, the necklace I wear daily with her name on it, the Red Sox sock that is hung from my rearview mirror… all are my little reminders of Hudson and how profoundly she has changed my life.

The Hubs has his ways to keep Hudson top of mind as well, the most prominent of which is the Hudson Ruth Walter Memorial Beard.

Mr. Whiskers is growing out his beard until we have another baby.

In hand. At home.

This means that my husband will have a beard of Biblical proportions when he holds our next child for the first time. And I’m cool with that.

A few years ago, the Hubs half-jokingly told our then-to-be-sister-in-law that he was growing out the beard until their wedding. He stuck it out, and thus, Moses was born.

“You Will Call me Moses” – posted with or without the Hubs consent…

This picture you’re seeing is after a mere 6-ish months of grow-out. Can you imagine what a year+ is going to look like?

Me neither.

To keep things from getting too gross, the Hubs researched beard-growing supplements (I’m not kidding) and went to Andy’s Market post-haste to purchase Biotin, B-12 and Flax for Omega-3s. I offered him some prenatal vitamins but he refused, as he has some weird idea that taking a prenatal vitamin will give him boobies or something.

We’ve told a few friends and family about the beard-growing commitment Mr. Whiskers has made, and many of them had this reaction:

“At a certain point, won’t that beard become counter-productive to the baby-making process?”

Implying that I might find the Hubs exponentially less-attractive in correlation to the amount of roughage on his sweet face.

I won’t pretend that Moses didn’t get a little, as the Hubs would put it, “Gri-zoss.”

But this is different!

This isn’t a joke-beard like “Moses” was. And the Hubs got pretty attached to that one.

As meaningful as a beard could possibly be, that’s what this beard is going to be.

And if nothing else, the longer and more Biblical the HRWMemBeard gets, the more incentive there will be to get Hudson’s Baby Bro or Sis on the way.

The picture above was taken the night that the Hubs decided to do away with “Moses.” I was kind of sad to see it go. The Hubs joked about saving the shavings and putting them in a pillow as a wedding gift for his brother and his new bride.

I know that’s super gross, but this is coming from brothers who have actually mailed toenails to each other. 

The HRWMemBeard is to the Hubs what Samson’s strengthening locks were to the Biblical Hero. A little, be-strong reminder of our beautiful daughter, and of the hope we have for the future.

Right there on his face.

6 thoughts on “The Hudson Ruth Walter Memorial Beard

  1. heather nelson says:

    Love it!!!! Go Moses Go 🙂 such a great idea and you are an awesome writer …. Hilarious!

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  3. […] On the cellular level. Hudson is a part of me, and will be a part of her siblings, in a very real and tangible way. Emotionally. Hudson is thought of and missed every single day, by me, by my husband, by family and friends. We’re connected through wearable treasures like the one pictured above. Even through facial hair. […]

  4. […] Hubs held him too, for the majority of the visit actually. The little guy was super intrigued by Jungle (aka the Hudson Ruth Walter Memorial Beard), again with the baby vice grip but this time on hair […]

  5. […] to cling to. Sometimes they are as small and sweet as the embrace of my husband, crying into his ever-growing beard. Sometimes they are as big and grand as a family trip to Maui for my thirtieth birthday this coming […]

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