For a cause

We have Team Hudson’s Heroes teeshirts, and they are awesome. Who wants to look this AWESOME?

Don’t pretend you don’t want to look this happy.

Check it: you can even make yours into a cape, Auntie Shiz style!

I want to be a Hudson’s Hero for Halloween

There have been some questions and comments about getting Hudson’s Heroes tees. Guess what? You don’t have to do a 5K to get your hands on one of these bad boys.

These teeshirts cost $10. I’d like to sell one to you for $15. The extra $5 goes to the Forget Me Not Foundation in Hudson’s name.

Sound like a deal?

You know how to get ahold of me. Comment below, or Facebook me, email, call or text.

Also, for my SoCal readers, my cousin K is ringleading a Team Hudson’s Heroes for the San Diego Color Run on November 3rd. Register for Team Hudson’s Heroes!

One of the things that has been a challenge for the Hubs and I in the days, weeks, months following the loss of our beautiful daughter is the lack of programs or support for families going through this kind of grief in our small town. I’d like to start SOMETHING in Hudson’s name, but I’m not sure where to direct the love. If anybody reading this has some experience with starting memorial funds, foundations, etc. please get in touch with me. Even if you have ideas of where I could donate my TIME, I’d love to know.

Our daughter is changing the world. It’s just different than I’d thought.

Hudson, I’m more proud of you than I ever thought imaginable.


2 thoughts on “For a cause

  1. […] P.S. You can purchase your own Hudson’s Heroes tee for $15. Let me know if you want in. […]

  2. […] name. I have been making small donations over the past few months as people have purchased the Hudson’s Heroes teeshirts. If you are looking for a worthy cause to donate a little cash to, I would highly recommend the […]

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