Captain of the Team

Here I am: Captain of Team Hudson’s Heroes!

Hey look! I don’t appear to be miserable!

This morning I did the Walla Walla Crush 10K for the third year in a row.

I couldn’t help but think about how a year ago, I ran this same 10K and I didn’t know I was pregnant (the timing was such that I think Baby Dub wasn’t technically conceived yet) and I was training for a half marathon and it was the longest run I did before tackling 13.1 the following weekend.

Me a year ago had no clue.

My amazing sister ran along with me, and at one point piped up:

“I miss Hudson today.”

I miss Hudson every day. But I did wish Hudson was there with us today.

For one thing, it would have gotten me out of the 10K!

There were couples with babies in strollers doing the 5K or the 1-Mile. I wanted to be one of them. I passed (twice) a new mom with her parents and her baby in the Baby Bjorn. I wanted to be her. There were little toddlers racing about during the post-race wait-around, one particularly precocious boy who kept smiling and toddling flirtatiously through our circle of women.

I didn’t break any land speed records today, although I did beat last year’s time by several minutes. I didn’t win anything, didn’t take home a bottle of wine in the raffle. But I felt like a winner.

Because I’m the captain of Team Hudson’s Heroes. And me a year from NOW might be pushing a stroller or proudly strapping on that Baby Bjorn.

Fingers crossed.

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One thought on “Captain of the Team

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